You can find the New Zealand wild/feral pig thoughout the entire country and even a number of our offshore islands in a range of different habitats. From bush to farmland, high country to wetlands pigs adapt well to any environment due to their ability to forage or scavenge such a wide range of food to suit their omnivorous diet.

Generally smaller than the domestic pig a wild boar, (male) can still grow up to 200kg and a sow, (female) around 100kg. Colour can be dramatically different with the most common being solid black all over with ginger, sandy brown, grey, blue, white and anything in between also being present in different areas throughout the country.

Usually hunted with dogs, wild pig are a favourite game species of many locals due to the high action, adrenaline filled hunt not forgeting the wealth of great flavoured meat one pig can provide. Often they are taken as a by-catch for rifle and bow hunters alike however don’t discount them as a trophy species either. A mature boar can be sporting deadly tusks up to 6inches long capable of inflicting a dog or person for that matter a fatal wound. The jaw of a wild boar is often kept as the trophy with each having its own story to tell. To learn more about boar hunting in NZ, get in touch with our team today.