Wapiti are the largest deer in New Zealand (accepting that moose are no longer present in Fiordland). The male carries spectacularly large antlers that are round in cross-section. The current ‘wapiti’ population in Fiordland is a hybrid between wapiti (Cervus canadensis) and red deer (Cervus elaphus) though physical appearacne can vary. Animals that look typically like wapiti are distinctly larger in size than those that look typically like red deer. Features that are more like wapiti than red deer include a larger body; fur that is more fawn-coloured than reddish; and a large and distinct rump patch (around the tail). Wapiti antlers grow more up, out and backward whereas those of red deer grow up and inward; and wapiti antlers tend to have fewer points than red deer. Wapiti tend to have a calmer temperament compared to red deer.