Sika Deer are popular deer in New Zealand, however their species is limited to certain locations around New Zealand, unlike the wide spread Red and Fallow populations. Believed to be of Asia origin, the Sika deer were successfully introduced to NZ in 1905 via stock from Woburn Abbey Park in England. Their population thrived in New Zealand, particularly due to their tolerance of rough scrub and weed vegetation, making them incredibly adaptable to harsh terrain and habitats in New Zealand.

Sika deer are slightly smaller than the average Red deer, with males standing at 850 – 950mm and weighing 70 – 100kg, and females standing at 700 – 800mm to shoulder height and weighing 45 -60kg, however still hold a strong and well earned reputation as a quality hunting species. In summer their coat is a bold chestnut colour, developing into a creamy white coat on the belly, and white spots along the back and flanks.