Red deer are the most common deer found in New Zealand, with a controversial existence spreading over both the North and South Island. The Red deer originally inhabited Europe, Central and Western Asia and North Africa before being introduced to New Zealand during the late 1800s and early 1900s. New Zealand was like a haven for Red deer, with luscious landscapes and no large predators, competition for survival was non existent, allowing their numbers and quality to grow substantially. Today in NZ Red deer are viewed as both exciting hunting opportunities, and a volatile pest on NZ.

New Zealand has produced some exceptional Red deer hunting trophies in the past with outstanding antler formation and size, showcasing the capabilities of this species when in a suitable, predator free habitat. There have been many world leading scores for Red deer trophies in NZ reflecting the outstanding genetics of NZ Red deer. NZ farmers have been recognised as world leaders in the deer farming industry is visible in the exceptional Red stags available in this country, resulting in NZ developing a reputation around the world as the go to place for this pinacle of trophy species.