At Adventure Hunting we have a very clear vision, and that is returning to the traditional way of the hunter. Naturally, a country with such a unique and varied ecosystem such as New Zealand enforces laws to make sure that both our amazing species and environment remain protected. As well as the written law enforced by our Department of Conservation (DOC), hunting has always retained an unwritten law, an ethical code of honour, which respects both the animal and the art of hunting itself. To hunt ethically, it just isn’t enough to follow a countries Hunting and Game Laws. An ethical hunter sees passed getting a trophy at any cost, and has regard for the welfare of not only the animal he/she is hunting, but the surrounding environment and animals too. Hunting ethically means knowing the limits of your equipment, of your ability and the welfare of the animal, respecting that if these aspects can’t come together to result in a quick, clean kill and safe retrieval, then this just isn’t your shot. Here are a few points to note when considering ethical hunting:  
  • Practising your hunting skills regularly, so that when the time comes to pull the trigger or shoot that bow, you can be confident in your abilities. Or take a trained guide with you until you are confident.
  • If you don’t have a trained and responsible guide, research the area, environment and animals that you will be hunting.
  • Respect for the animal before and after the shot.
  • Belief in the fair chase, and refusing tactics which encourage an unfair advantage.
  • Retrieval of all wounded game.
  • Only taking what you need, as the old fishing saying goes; “Limit your catch, don’t catch your limit”
  • Making the effort to learn how to clean and dress game appropriately to reduce waste.
For the Adventure Hunting team, hunting has been a true passion for much of their lives with a focus on the experience and what you can gain from it. Contrary to belief, hunting isn’t just about the animal (although it plays a big part!). In such a fast paced society and so much emphasis and reliability on electronics, just the experience of getting outdoors, focusing your mind on the elements around you and enjoying the peace and quiet, is such a valuable and rewarding opportunity. It is said that a true hunter can go hunting 10 times with no luck on an animal and still be excited for the 11th, highlighting the value placed on the tranquil environment and overall experience. This is the kind of enjoyment and passion our guides feel on every hunting opportunity, and enjoy watching this spark ignite in new hunters when visiting Adventure Hunting. New Zealand is viewed around the world as a beautiful country with a focus on our “clean green” environment of native flora and fauna. As a country, there are consistent and ongoing conservation efforts to protect our native species and beautiful countryside. These efforts are carried out through large government organisations such as DOC (Department of Conservation), and by individuals such as farmers dedicating a portion of their land to native planting. Here at Adventure Hunting we believe that protecting our unique country and the ecosystems within it is a joint effort. We have dedicated portions of our land to revegetation and wetland projects, to ensure the success of ecosystems within our property however big or small they may be. By planting over 10’000 NZ native plants and removing all pest species we can encourage the continued growth and health of our bushland and watch our natural native environment continue to thrive for future generations. Having a hand in the conservation of this country doesn’t always have to be a big gesture, for example, when hunting or guiding hunts on public DOC land, our guides make a conscious effort to pick up any rubbish left behind by other people and take it home to be disposed of, and encourage other hunters to do the same, to protect the environment we are here to enjoy in the first place.
Whilst all can appreciate the efforts made to protect our native environment, some individuals can become concerned regarding ethics towards the animals within a hunting block environment. The animals within our property are free to live, graze and mate as they would in the wild. We have the same landscape, animal and plant species and surrounding habitat which they would thrive in when in their wild, natural environment. For an animal within a property similar to ours a trophy deer is commonly between 7 and 10 years without any stress of human interaction until the moment they are humanely dispatched, with some even dying of old age, which is a huge comparison to a farm environment. Within the common and growing farming industry, deer are farmed for two reasons; venison meat and velvet. When deer are farmed for venison they are usually killed at 1 year old often through a particularly stressful process of being loaded into trucks and experiencing the abattoir before being dispatched. If they are farmed for velvet (The soft cartilage of their antler before it turns to solid bone each year), they are regularly penned for the removal of the velvet and drenching and live a life of being administered antibiotics and vaccines on a regular basis. The welfare of our animals and population of species is something we take extremely seriously, and our main priority is producing the highest quality of life for these animals, which is something we are confident we are providing. If you are still unsure about hunting within a block, our experienced guides are more than happy to guide your hunting experience on public DOC land.
We specialise in offering a completely ethical, on foot hunting experience for the total novice to the experienced, passionate hunter. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to pull the trigger just yet, we can also offer a “no kill” experience, where you can take in the full hunt and environment without the pressure of the kill. The art of hunting is based on equality and respect between the hunter and the game. We don’t condone the use of unfair conditions or tactics and offer training and education to allow you and the game to interact on a level playing field. At Adventure Hunting we offer guided hunts on public (DOC) land, private and exclusive hunting land across the country, and our own private hunting block in Southern Auckland. We monitor a completely independent and self sufficient population of game, within our own exclusive, private hunting block. The animals are free to live a completely natural life, eating what they like, free to carry out the routines of mating season and the “roar” as they would naturally, and live a stress free life in their natural habitat, right up until the moment they are humanely dispatched. A life with no need for human intervention for a healthy and sustainable existence. This also offers hunters the rare opportunity for full 100% traceability from bush to dinner plate.
For many all over the world hunting for your own food source was a natural way of life and for many it still is. Being able to experience the full hunter, gatherer process can be extremely humbling. It offers you the opportunity to respect the animal and be completely aware of how it lived, and how it died, in comparison to modern farming techniques. Although New Zealand doesn’t have any hunting season regulations for large game, at Adventure Hunting we do set limitations on game selection when necessary, to prioritise the quality of the future population. The main cause for poor genetics in public populations of game is due to poor game selection from public hunters. With a focus on trophy selection or over hunting can deny a herd from the best possible stag for future breeding, continuing the bloodline of worse genetics and affecting the overall health of future populations. By establishing whether you are hunting for meat or that trophy of a lifetime, we can effectively select the game appropriate for your needs, by taking a stag with poorly formed antlers, you will still receive exceptional venison meat, without taking a fully formed high quality stag from the herd prematurely. For this same reason, we will set limitations on hinds at certain times of the year, if a hind is clearly pregnant or with a young dependant fawn, we will avoid taking her and wasting a member of the next population, and instead aim for a dry hind which can still provide great quality venison meat. By implementing these limits we can offer you the best possible game population, and ensure the health and quality of our herds.
Through training and education we can enable you with the relevant skills and information to stay safe and capable hunting independently, whilst also limiting the danger or waste of any animals or surrounding environment. One of the most overlooked aspects of game selection when hunting is retrieving the animal. Many see an opportunity and take it, without considering the surroundings or possible limitations, how many hours of sunlight do you have left? Is there a clear and safe path of access to the animal and back again? Etc. These scenarios may seem harmless, however these are often times where hunters put themselves in harms way to retrieve the animal in dangerous conditions. It is knowledge such as this which enable an individual with the skills to become a responsible and highly efficient hunter. Hunting doesn’t have to be a serious activity, it is a valuable opportunity to experience the undisturbed wilderness of this beautiful country, bond with loved ones, and hone your skills in becoming a skilled hunter to provide for you and your family. So let’s get our feet on the ground, and use our training and instincts to experience a truly traditional and humble hunting artform.
Through a lack of training and education, a lot of game is often wasted after the hunt. We work hard to ensure each kill is not put to waste. Our experienced and professional team, offer training and education on appropriate skinning, cleaning and care of game, the meat of which is all available to the hunter to use, with a chilled meat delivery option available. If you only want to take a small amount of meat or none at all, we ensure none of it goes to waste and the remaining meat, offal, skin and skeleton will all be distributed and put to great use. If you are extra proud of your hunt, we have the appropriate butchery and award winning taxidermy services available to you.
With our dedication to ethical hunting and ensuring a healthy and thriving ecosystem, we have a few points to be aware of when choosing Adventure Hunting.  
  • Adventure Hunting is a private business run on privately owned and DOC land, therefore we do not condone trespassing or non-permitted hunting on any of our hunting land at any time.
  • All information on poaching will be forwarded to the police.
  • We do not condone the use of drones. Let’s get down on the ground and find them the old fashioned way!
  • All of our hunts are 100% guided regardless of your hunting ability or familiarity of the area.
  • When booking a hunt on our block you can be sure your party has 100% exclusive rights to the area for the duration of your hunt. No other parties will be on the property, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.
  • All visitors will be required to partake in a brief on site induction before the hunt commences.
  • Adventure Hunting are members of the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association, fully trained in advanced First Aid, affiliated with a reputable Health and safety provider and hold full liability insurance, to ensure your time spent with us is as safe as possible.