Adventure Huntings’ private hunting block is a mix of rolling to steep contore with bush lined limestone bluffs and sheltered valleys in Franklin, South Auckland, New Zealand. We look to offer rewarding and authentic, ethical hunting experiences, both within our exclusive hunting block, various other private and exclusive hunting locations around the country and guided hunts over DOC (Department of Conservation) land.

Along with educating and encouraging ethical hunting practises, we want to ensure everyone leaves here with rewarding memories to last them a lifetime. We have a wide range of Game species at Adventure Hunting, and we are dedicated to providing exclusive, customisable hunting experiences, tailored to your specific needs. This experience is not limited to anyone, and we will strive to provide the opportunity to anyone that is enthusiastic to try hunting, which is why we have developed packages to include everyone, families, parents and children, groups and disabilities are all welcome at Adventure Hunting.

We believe in offering the experience of the former traditional ethos and culture behind this age old artform. From learning animal selection, game sign and habits and what not to shoot, ethical and humane hunting, skinning and cleaning to how to cook it. We believe in taking only what you need, as quickly and humanely as possible, whilst treating all animals and the surrounding environment with the respect they deserve.

We are going back to our roots, getting our feet on the ground and using traditional skills and instincts to help us along the way. This is what we aim to provide to all of our hunters, to give you a platform on which to build your own experience and knowledge.

To learn more about our Ethos and mission at Adventure Hunting, look through our BEST USE GUARANTEE.

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We have introduced and monitored an independant and completely self sustaining population of a multitude of species within our grounds to ensure not only great hunting opportunities but also another healthy and self sufficient ecosystem, within our beautiful country. New Zealand is such a unique country with an abundance of plants and animals which can’t be found anywhere else on earth. With the inevitable growth in population in NZ, these ecosystems need protecting to ensure the survival of these unique species. Because of this, Adventure Hunting are dedicated to creating and protecting these precious areas through revegetation and wetland projects. We have initiated the process of planting over 100,000 native plants over a number of locations and rigorously maintain our grounds to ensure the control of plant pest species to protect and recreate the native bush and wetlands of New Zealand. We believe from replanting and protecting wetland projects, to picking up a few pieces of litter when out on a hunt, we can all play our part for conservation.

Our South Auckland grounds are completely exclusive, with only a limited number of hunters booked in per year and a strict limit on trophy hunts when necessary to prioritise the genetic quality. Prioritising is a large part of our hunting technique and we closely monitor our animals and play a key part in herd management through game selection to control numbers and genetics, preserving the quality of both the habitat and the genetics of the herds. In NZ there is little to no restriction for most of our game on hunting around the year, which enables us to provide our services year round, however we do enforce our own rules regarding game selection, whether a hind is pregnant or has a young fawn are examples of when we will prioritise our ethics and the strength of the next generation over hunting, and find a more appropriate animal. Game selection based on need is another essential part of ensuring no animal goes to waste dependant on whether you are hunting for meat or a trophy, we can then aid in game selection to preserve the quality of the future generation.

As well as our own privately owned block, we have access to multiple hunting blocks across the country in South Auckland/Waikato, Whanganui and even the South Island. Whether you want a guided hunt a little closer to home, or the variety in terrain and game species, the options at Adventure Hunting are endless.


Part of the reason we are so passionate about offering education and skills, is to prepare people for hunting on public DOC (Department of Conservation) land, and create a safe and more enjoyable environment for all hunters wanting to experience the fantastic landscapes and hunting NZ has to offer. Many novice hunters can find themselves in dangerous situations when not equipped with the vital knowledge necessary when going it alone. In New Zealand it is common to experience 4 seasons in a day, and this especially is what catches out many first time and even experienced hunters. By being ill prepared for the changing climate and weather conditions, and even misjudging how much water you will need for the trip are common mistakes made in NZ DOC hunting land. We offer education on preparation for the big trip to general health and safety when choosing to take an animal whilst considering your surroundings. If you decide you have hunted on private blocks before and are desperate to try hunting on DOC land in the wilderness, we offer guided hunts with all guides trained in advanced first aid, with full GPS and personal locating beacons to ensure your optimum safety, allowing you to responsibly hone your knowledge and experience before going it alone.

We have taken the steps necessary so that we can confidently say that your experience at Adventure Hunting is as safe as possible. In New Zealand there are currently no rules or regulations involved in becoming a hunting guide, which means legally, zero training or extensive experience is needed. This is a concerning subject to us, and can result in many guided hunts becoming seriously dangerous for all involved, especially when handling potentially dangerous equipment, and spending time in harsh and unpredictable terrain and climates.

Adventure Hunting are members of the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association and are committed to staying up to date with provided knowledge and training. With all of our guides being trained and confident in advanced First Aid you can rest assured that you and your group are in safe and knowledgeable hands. With the help of a trusted and reliable affiliated Health and Safety company, Adventure Hunting have the expertise to guide action packed and exciting hunts whilst keeping your safety our number one priority. Whilst considering the risks and how to deal with them, this is a high risk activity and accidents can happen to the most experienced of hunters, therefore we have full liability insurance in place to cover the possibility of damage or accident.

If you’re passionate about spending time and learning in the beautiful NZ landscape, we have a wide range of packages available. Our Non Kill experiences allow anyone to join in without the pressure of hunting if you’re not ready for it. These experiences offer groups or individuals to enjoy the beauty of nature as hunters do, whether you are a keen photographer or just a lover of the outdoors, we can help. Our professionals are passionate about what they do, and can offer extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of hunting. Whether that is travelling through bush and open land quietly and effectively, camping, rifle and bow use or cleaning your kill and wilderness cooking. We offer a range of experiences as well as hunting.

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“Growing up as a country boy and still living on a farm to this day I have always had a love of hunting but in particular a real passion for the outdoors in general. From hunting and fishing, scuba and freediving, motocross, jet skiing, hiking, sailing, surfing, snowboarding, flying helicopters and working as both a landscaper and hunting guide I involve myself in anything and everything I can to enjoy our great outdoors.

As well as my time in the hills hunting, I really started to develop my skills in my late teens when I was lucky enough to participate in an alpine course at Mt Ruapehu. We learnt to traverse snow slopes, abseil icefaces and build snow caves then spent a few nights on the mountain well above snow level. The following year I worked as a team leader at high school camps where I taught kids kayaking, sailing, rock climbing, team building, high ropes and basic bush skills. I have been a member and captain of various competitive, representative and semi-professional sports teams as well as owning and running a successful trade business with over a dozen staff. I feel this has helped me develop a high level of leadership, organisation and social skills to aid me in the field of guiding. I have also attended various first aid courses and gained my bronze medallion surf lifesaving medal, my helicopter pilot license and I am a member of the “New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association.

In my years I have hunted in an array of habitats throughout New Zealand with much success as well as my fair share of hard lessons. Through this and my love of the outdoors I have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge I would love the opportunity to share and hopefully through this encourage others to experience, enjoy and develop the same passion I have. From bushcraft, safety, animal sign, habits and identification to shot selection, ethics and confidence in the outdoors I welcome anyone keen to join our team on an adventure hunt to remember.”

“Hot barrels”,

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“The outdoors have always been a big part of my life. As a kiwi kid, the summers spent camping at the beach, fishing, swimming, hiking, hut building and all those marathon bike rides are some of my fondest memories. It’s a shame that often as we get older we feel we outgrow these sorts of activities but with Andrew as my husband that next adventure and treasured memory is never far away.

To date my proudest achievement is raising our two young sons, Blake and Braxton. We really would love for them to have a real “kiwi” upbringing, full of fun and adventures along with real life lessons to look back on in years to come. They are a big reason for why we decided to start Adventure Hunting, to get them outdoors, learning life skills that they will hopefully pass onto their children.

Adventure Hunting is not just about Game hunting. Meeting new people from all walks of life and from around the globe is a real treat. I consider myself a very sociable person, so hosting our guests on vineyard tours, trips to the local farmers markets or just entertaining at our accommodation is a job I’m more than willing to accept. They say “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Good people, good food, good wine, good times…. What more could a girl want?

I look forward to the next adventure and helping to create similar fond memories for you.”


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William Geel is an avid hunter with almost a decade of experience across New Zealand terrain. His upbringing in South Africa gave him a taste for the wild and he relishes the opportunity to get back to nature in some of the more remote areas of the North and South Island. William has a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and is heavily involved with high performance sport. This comes in handy with the physical demands of the hunt, as well as his first aid/ Medic training. His dream New Zealand hunting location is Fiordland and his preferred stomping ground is the Central North Island.

Will enjoys all aspects of hunting from short-range bow hunting to long-range rifle shooting, he loves imparting his knowledge and seeing others succeed on a hunt. He has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly looking to up his game in the bush.

When not hunting, he’s based in Auckland with his family where he runs a physiotherapy clinic and earns brownie points so he can venture back into the bush.

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William MacSwain is a natural hunter with an interest and keen eye for all things hunting. Like many of us Kiwi hunters Ditch began hunting rabbits as a kid with his grandfather and spent a huge part of his youth enjoying fishing with his family, I guess you could say it’s in his blood.

While the excitement of the pursuit keeps him challenged and on his toes, it’s the ability to provide food for his family and the passing on of knowledge that makes him tick. William is an all rounder and loves to get involved in processing his catch with the help of his family, he’s known to cook a mean Hungi too.

When William isn’t hunting and gathering, he can be found in Auckland where he runs his own roofing company. He also does pest control on several large blocks of land thoughout the North Island of NZ.

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In the words of the bushman himself,

“Catch you in the bush”.